Licence for ogamma Visual Logger for OPC.

Licensing terms to use ogamma Visual Logger for OPC depend on the edition:

  • Community Edition.
    • Free forever;
    • Can be used in commercial, personal, educational or other projects;
    • Does not include advanced features;
    • Have limits on number of OPC UA Servers to connect to (maximum 5), number of variables to log (up to 64) and number of variable groups (up to 5).
  • Standard Edition.
    • Advanced features are enabled;
    • Number variables is limited to 1024, and no limits on number of OPC UA Server and variable groups.
  • Enterprise Edition.
    • Advanced features are enabled;
    • No limits on number of OPC UA Server nor number of variables nor number of variable groups.
  • Academic Edition.
    • Same as Enterprise Edition.
    • Provided for free to use in scientific-research and academic projects by universities and other government funded education and research organizations, as well as on projects performed by government organizations. If your project qualifies, contact Support to get the license activation key.


Features and limitations of the Community Edition might change over time. Anyhow, once you download Community Edition distribution package of the ogamma Visual Logger for OPC, you can continue to use that version according to licensing terms included into that specific package. Next versions of Community Edition might have some features disabled or limited comparing to the Standard or Enterprise Editions or previous versions of Community Edition.


Detailed licensing terms applicable for specific installation are available from the configuration GUI via menu License/License Agreement.

For more details about licensing, please contact Support.

Licenses of open source dependencies.

The SDK uses and depends on the following open source libraries according to their license terms: