new product: ogamma Modbus OPC UA Server has been released!

June 11, 2022

Recently we have released our new product - ogamma Modbus OPC UA Server. It allows connecting to Modbus devices over the OPC UA protocol. 

When used in combination with our flagship product ogamma Visual Logger for OPC, it allows you to collect data from legacy devices and store it in modern time-series databases and cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

For more details, please refer online User Manual.

ogamma Visual Logger for OPC verified by Confluent as standard source connector!

Support for Confluent was added into ogamma Visual Logger for OPC in version 1.2.3 (was released in September 2020). This was not published as news at that time, so we are now correcting that mistake.

Here is the link to our product at Confluent Hub:

It is listed as Verified Standard Integration, which means "Fully supported partner integration that meets a standard level of functional compatibility with the Confluent Platform ecosystem". 

In version 2.1.1 mapping from OPC UA evolved further - now custom format for the payload of Kafka messages can be used, for example, JSON. Also, arrays and complex type values can be logged.

ogamma Visual Logger for OPC as Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Module

July 20, 2021.

One-Way Automation's application to become a Microsoft Partner was approved and our product ogamma Visual Logger for OPC is now available at Azure Marketplace

As a result, now ogamma Visual Logger for OPC can be deployed in your Azure IoT Edge Devices as Azure IoT Edge Module remotely! Keeping in mind that its configuration GUI is web-based, by using additional third-party tools you can even configure it remotely over the Internet! Opening even a single port in your firewall is not required - production level security is provided. Please contact us for details.

OPC UA C++ SDK version 1.1.2 has been released

July 19, 2021.

Our OPC UA C++ SDK version 1.1.2 has been released and is available for the general public now!

It comes with the updated Developer's Guide, and with a new Sample Application, which can be taken as a base for your application. It has examples on how to read values from OPC UA variables and write to them, how to browse the address space, how to create subscriptions and monitored items, and handle data change notifications. 

This version has added support for complex data types: now these values can be converted to JSON formatted string, or to special Variant type. With the latest, you can access each member field of the complex type value from C++ code.

In this version also various bugs were fixed, and the auto-reconnection feature is improved. Also, extra measures are taken to make sure that no callbacks are made to the application after disconnect() call is completed on the Connection object. 

The SDK is now built for the following targets:

  • Microsoft Windows (Visual Studio 2019)
  • Linux:
    • Ubuntu 18.04
    • Ubuntu 20.04
    • Debian 10.10
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4

Can be built for other platforms too! 


Hongke Technology Co., Ltd and One-Way Automation have entered into a partnership agreement.

January 24, 2021

Hongke Technology Co., Ltd and One-Way Automation have entered into a partnership agreement to distribute ogamma Visual Logger for OPC, the product offered by One-Way Automation, to the markets of China and Asia. This partnership will complement the portfolio of solutions and services Hongke Technology Co., Ltd . offers to its customers.

About Hongke Technology Co., Ltd

Hongke, a technology company, offers in Asia advanced products and surpassed solutions by integrating with international industry leaders. The company's strength is providing professional technical consulting and support to our customers through leveraging technology, deep industry, and functional expertise. 

Hongke was founded in 1995, headquartered in Guangzhou, the technology center of South China. Achieving and sustaining efficient service capability, we have been setting up 9 offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi’an, Chengdu, Hongkong, Taiwan, and West USA.

Hongke engaged in diversified domains including industrial, automotive, IIoT, test & measurement, biotechnology, Satcom communications & RF, AR/VR, network security, and cloud tech.

The technical team of Hongke is continuously trained by international famous experts and obtained professional qualifications. At the same time, we actively participate in the work of industry associations and make important contributions to promote the popularization of advanced technologies.

Hongke annual number of patents for inventions surpassed the industry average and certified as High-Tech Enterprises by China government. Hongke has always been committed to providing leading, high-quality products and technology solutions to the China market.

About One-Way Automation.

One-Way Automation is a technology company designing and developing software applications for industrial process control data delivery, as well as providing custom software development services. Major specialties are OPC UA and Industrial IoT.
Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.