Prosys OPC UA Historian

Connect Historian to any OPC UA compatible sensor, device or automation system and start collecting the information that is important to you. Historian can collect data in real-time and store it in SQL databases (MySQL or Microsoft SQL). Once Historian has started collecting data, it can be accessed with any client application that supports either OPC UA or SQL. This includes ERP, MES and BI systems, as well as numerous other enterprise applications.

Prosys OPC UA Historian context diagram

OPC UA Data Logger

Historian acts as a data logger with SQL databases and fits well in your existing IT and automation infrastructure. Once you have data stored, you are operating safely. And when you manage your own database, you decide when and how you use your valuable data. 

Single Point of Access

Having all the data behind a single point of access enables tighter firewall rules and better control of the network. This can also simplify your system architecture and add security significantly. In addition to history data logging, you can use Historian as a gateway for accessing real-time data from all the underlying OPC UA servers.

History Data Server

Many data sources, such as industrial devices, are not able to create a history data storage by themselves. This can be overcome by using OPC UA Historian. And because OPC UA is a vendor independent communications standard, Historian enables you to connect to numerous devices and systems from different vendors.

Ready for the Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0

Easy, reliable and secure data logging is a key function for system integration and also for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 solutions. Historian has been designed to be one of the key building blocks when you develop your total system starting from sensor data.

Feature overview

Data collecting and accessing

  • Supports multiple OPC UA server connections
  • Stores data to standard SQL databases
  • Provides access to data with any OPC UA or SQL compatible client application

Supported operating systems

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Linux (Debian/RPM)

Supported databases

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL / MariaDB

How to purchase a license or download a trial version.

A license can be purchased and the evaluation version can be downloaded in our online store.