Product Road Map

One-Way Automation's product road map includes information about products which are currently in development, and future product considerations.

In development:

  • OPC UA Web Based Client
    Cross platform web application, which allows to discover OPC UA Servers using Local Discovery Server, connect to them, browse their address space, add subscriptions, monitored items and display received from the server data changes.
    Demo installation of technical preview version of the application is available at

  • OPC UA C++ SDK;
    Intended to extremely simplify creation of OPC UA Client and Server Applications in C++11. It will implement OPC UA communication stack and provide high level classes to asynchronously send, receive and handle OPC UA requests and responses, and have built-in support for standard OPC UA Server or Client features (example for server side - managing of endpoints, namespaces, sessions, interface for plug-ins to collect data from external data sources, etc). Primary target and narrow specialization of the SDK are high performance OPC UA applications running in PC or cloud environment. It is expected that it will be resource unpretentious and run in lower end hardware such as Raspberry PI though, but narrow specialization will be to satisfy requirements for enterprise scale applications.

    Technical preview version of this product is available at GitHub

We are looking for early adopters / beta testers for these products.

Future products under consideration:

  • REST adapter for OPC UA Servers
  • Provides access to any OPC UA Server via REST interface.
    Simplifies integration of other applications with OPC UA Servers. Eliminates need on client SDK for other programming languages if there is support for REST client.
  • OPC UA Edge Gateway for AWS IoT
    Middle-ware application to collect real time data from factory level devices via OPC UA protocol and push it to the Amazon's AWS IoT.
  • OPC UA to Relational Database Bridge
    Integration application which collects data from OPC UA Servers and stores them in any major relational data base, with web based configuration GUI.
    The first target database under consideration is TimescaleDB (which is actually PostgreSQL, with special extension optimized to store time series data). 
  • OPC UA Data Source for Grafana.
    Integration application which allows to feed OPC UA data and information model to Grafana (open source platform for analytics and monitoring).

We are evaluating the need on these products and looking for companies who are interested and can put pre-orders for them. In return you will benefit from super-privileged licensing terms and platinum support.

If you are interested on those products, please contact us!